Hydraulic System Reliability Programs For All Industrial Applications

Ten Ways Atlas Reliability, LLC Can Help

Hydraulic systems are very common in all industries. Hydraulic systems play a critical role in many processes including manufacturing, logistics, marine, construction, and many more. At the core of all hydraulic systems is the component that performs the actual work, hydraulic fluid. Without the fluid, hydraulics do not work. As critical of a role that the hydraulic fluid plays, it cannot function without the basic components of a system. There must be at least the following functions to support hydraulic work: Storage (tank), Mover (Pumps), Control (valves, regulators, etc.), Functional Component (cylinder, gearbox, motor, etc.).

Hydraulic system health is considered and built into most system designs. Whether the function of the components is to maintain clean fluid or monitor system performance, some components are added to ensure the hydraulic system can continue to perform its function, or be reliable. Filtration, gauges, sight glasses can all be components installed to ensure that the fluid is clean and the owners have decent indication the system is performing as required to complete their process. With most of the designed components installed to support hydraulic system health, the indicators given are generally lagging, which means an indication will be given once there is a problem. With these lagging indicators, repairs are often costly, and time consuming. This can also result in equipment downtime, or even plant downtime. 

Atlas Reliability, LLC is positioned to transform organizations operating on these lagging indicators, to being proactive and understanding the importance of hydraulic functions to their process. The figure above illustrates a basic hydraulic system and its components. Numbered on this diagram is ways Atlas Reliability, LLC can help with the transformation of ensuring hydraulic systems continue to perform.

Lubrication and hydraulic fluid labels are a great way to ensure that the correct fluid, or grease is being used in the system application (Items 1 and 5). As workforces transform to a younger generation, and critical hydraulic application being more prevalent, product labeling is a great way to prevent contamination through the use of the wrong fluid. Atlas Reliability, LLC is able to provide various methods of labels ranging from color coded identification markers, custom stainless labels, to full color coded lubrication handling and storage programs, up to full lube rooms and satellite lube rooms. These programs can be as simple as a color coded grease fitting cover and documented legend of grease types to color.

Vented hydraulics reservoirs are a vented vessel and can get water introduced from the following methods: (1) atmospheric temperature changes, (2) atmospheric humidity, (3) system fluid temperature changes, and (4) weather. Desiccant breathers are a critical component of most hydraulic systems and gearboxes (Item 2). Although often overlooked as an unnecessary component, these filters ensure the fluid remains free from water. Additionally, these filters can keep particulates from entering the hydraulic reservoirs. 

Atlas Reliability, LLC offers a full line of desiccant breathers. Configurable breathers are also available to fit each application. These breathers only utilize the desiccant to dry the incoming air making them extremely efficient. Work in a wet, dirty environment? No problem, we can fit the breather with a particulate filter and a rain cap to prevent accelerated desiccant consumption, and clogging.

Hydraulic filtration is one of the first steps to maintaining a healthy hydraulic system (Item 3 and 9). Filtration can range from particulate to a permanent water removal solution. Atlas Reliability, LLC has various manufacturers we work with to ensure a complete, purpose built solution is available. Our solutions range can include permanent installed filter solutions, replacement solutions, portable filter carts, and some rental applications, such as vacuum dehydrators. 

Condition monitoring technology is a great way to increase detection capability of an impending failure (Items 2, 6, 7, and 10). Catching a failure in its early stages allows for planning repair off of critical path operation. It also significantly reduces the costs of repairs. Atlas Reliability offers tailored solutions for most condition monitoring technologies. Our wireless systems include the ability to wirelessly monitor for vibration, current, RPM, temperature, pressure, and level. With this information, the complete system operating performance at any given time. This information is available through wireless applications and on mobile devices. If your facility has its own application, the data is available in open source SQL format for immediate integration. For a portable solution, Atlas Reliability, LLC has equipment to support infrared, vibration, electrical analysis, ultrasound, and more. Most of these tools support mobile and cloud data applications.


Oil analysis is a fundamental role in the health of a hydraulic system (Item 8). Knowing the condition of the hydraulic fluid and what is in the fluid is critical to being able to determine useful fluid life and identifying impending failures of system components. Periodic time based fluid changes are often wasteful, as the fluid still contains useful life remaining. Performing these changes on a calendar, without regard to actual system operation time or conditions can do more harm to the system components than good. 

Atlas Reliability, LLC provides full support for oil analysis systems. We offer online solutions that will provide oil condition, particles, water and more. Additionally, our potable oil analysis solutions provide onsite, immediate data that can be actionable. Imagine taking an oil sample, reading the results and acting on that result within 10 minutes. The portable oil analysis program can get oil chemistry and viscosity, contamination, and wear data on the spot. The cloud supported application ensures this solution can be used on multiple equipment and multiple plants.

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Atlas Reliability, LLC is positioned to support virtually any hydraulic application. With our wide range of products, and team expertise, we can aid our clients, ensuring they are addressing the problems prior to failure. This transformation results in a longer equipment life, reduction in failures, longer maintenance intervals, and better Hydraulic System performance.

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