Fluke ii900 Ultrasonic Air Leak Imager

fluke ultrasonic air leak imager scope

• Acoustic Imaging

    Blended live SoundMap™ with visual image 

• Sensitivity

    Detects 0.005 CFM leak, 100 PSI from 32 feet

• Frequency Range

    From 2kHz to 52kHz 

• Maximum Operating Distance

    Up to 164 feet (50 meters)* 

• Display

    7 inch 1280 x 800 LCD with touchscreen

Erbessd Instruments Phantom® Wireless Machine Surveillance

erbessd phantom wireless online vibration sensor analysis condition monitoring

•Accelerometers Triaxial + Temperature •Amperage -3 phases 5 -1000 Amps

•RPM -Up to 200’000 RPM 

•Temperature -Infrared non-contact Sensor

 •General Purpose Input node integrates 3rd party sensors to the Phantom wireless network

Real-Time Oil Quality Monitoring Solutions

Poseidon systems inline online oil quality analysis sensor

 • Impedance Spectrum Analysis

 • Integrated Water-in-Oil Sensor for accurate tracking of water contamination levels in real-time  

• Enables real-time trending of oil quality 

• Continuous Monitoring to observe and respond to oil problems before they become equipment problems

 • Reduces need for collecting traditional samples

Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager

fluke pocket cheap thermal thermography camera imager heat

• Automatically organize and file thermal              images with Fluke Connect® Asset Tagging 

• 120 x 90 infrared resolution (10,800 pixels) 

• 3.5” LCD touchscreen display

• Spatial Resolution 7.6 mRad

• Can withstand drop up to 1 meter 

• IP54 enclosure rating 

• -20 °C to 150 °C temperature range

eMaint CMMS System

cmms pm predictive maintenance eams asset management asset tracking emaint fluke connect

• Rated #1 CMMS 

• eMaint is an award-winning CMMS solution for managing work orders, PM schedules and parts inventory. 

• 50,000+ users worldwide rely on eMaint to predict failures, eliminate downtime and improve reliability. 

• Ground-breaking asset reliability platform 

• Flexible and configurable interface 

• Simple solution for your team 

• Empowers technicians to access their CMMS in the palm of their hand.

SpectroScientific® MiniLab Series

spectro scientific spectroscientific minilab microlab desktop benchtop on site

As part of a proactive maintenance program, on-site oil analysis delivers rapid results with immediate decision making to: 

• Lower operating costs 

• Reduce unscheduled downtime 

• Increase machine availability 

• Extend equipment life 

• Decrease total lifecycle equipment costs 

• Provide immediate retest capability