Turn-key condition monitoring and reliability Programs

System Design and Implementation

Reliability consulting FMEA criticality analysis

Atlas assesses each customers' unique reliability goals and tailors condition monitoring systems to suit each facility's needs.

Wireless Monitoring Systems

Erbessd Phantom Wireless Vibration Sensors

We offer wireless condition monitoring systems that provide visibility into equipment health in real time.  Our systems go beyond vibration to include RPM, current, contact and non-contact temperature as well as the ability to incorporate  information from 3rd party sensors.

On-Site Oil Condition Monitoring

on-site onsite oil analysis lab laboratory handheld portable mobile

We offer on-site oil condition monitoring devices and provide training for your personnel to enable instant lubricant analysis results at your facility.

Managed Oil Analysis Programs

laboratory oil analysis grease tribology managed oil analysis program

We provide fully comprehensive oil analysis programs when our on-site solutions aren't required.  Our program features standard lubricant analysis options including spectrometal, viscosity, TAN, TBN, water, particulates and more as required. 


Thermal imaging imagery thermography heat signature

Thermal analysis condition monitoring tools from basic handheld meters to high resolution thermographic cameras 

Ultrasound Inspection

ultrasound ultrasonic air leak compressor compressed air

Atlas provides ultrasonic condition monitoring inspection and lubrication guns as well as Fluke's    new ii900 Ultrasonic Air Leak Imager.


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